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Ready to import

As part of our services we offer open and closed caption services. The greatest advantage of working with us is that we provide captions in a format that can be ready imported onto your software. This way you can save on labor and time. Our Rates are affordable and hence to cater to a larger community.

We also provide subtitles for flash based players and YouTube videos. We also provide suitable Arabic subtitle conversion from any format.

Closed captioning and subtitling

We are experts in closed captioning as you may be aware it is specially devised for hearing impaired audience. This is termed closed because it is activated only on the users’ request. Here you can find that the caption includes transcription of all background noises.

On the contrary subtitling is a cheaper option. It only includes conversion of speech or conversation. It is basically used to translate a conversation into another language. If you are looking for professional subtitling services we are the people to work with.