ISO 9001:2008
Certified Company

No diluting meaning

Where it is Film, documentary or Songs we ensure that the caption goes along with the movie at an easily readable rate. We also take care of spelling, use of right punctuations, overlapping and readability.

We give our clients an opportunity to watch the program before the final touch is given to ensure there are no errors. We ensure that we deliver excellent results. We are well aware that improper punctuations and phrases can dilute the meaning of the script and hence extra care is taken not to overlook these issues.

Enjoyable viewer experience

We are sure that your audience will enjoy our captioning and this can enhance the viewing experience. Depending on the encoding and authoring facility recommended we process the output. All you need to do is to send digital files and we can start processing the media for captioning.

We can also deliver as-broadcast script on request. We can deliver the final file in the format suggested by our clients.